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NEW! Glandex® Anal Gland Pet Wipes - 24ct Fresh Scented Wipes


Glandex® Wipes are Veterinarian Recommended for Anal Gland Odor and Hygiene!  Made in the USA with Vitamin E, Aloe, Cleansers, Natural Deodorizers, and more!

Boot the Scoot! It’s Time to Leave Your Dog’s Anal Gland Problems BEHIND.

Glandex® Wipes are a great choice to be used in conjunction with our Glandex® Oral Supplements to help keep your pet's anal gland region healthy and smelling their best! 
Anal gland problems literally stink.  Fortunately Glandex® Pet Wipes can help to reduce the unpleasant odors associated with anal gland problems!  They are also specifically designed to assist in cleaning the anal region after anal gland expression as well as to help support healthy anal glands.  

Glandex® Pet Wipes are also great for cleaning other parts of the body and for general hygiene of your pet's rear.  Unlike ordinary wipes, Glandex® Pet Wipes are gentle enough for daily use on sensitive areas but strong enough to clean and deodorize difficult odors and mess.  Glandex® Pet Wipes contain DeoPlex® natural enzymatic deodorizers and a fresh scent fragrance to keep pets smelling their best!  Plus Glandex® Wipes contain Aloe and Vitamin E to help support a healthy coat and skin!

Safe for daily use in dogs & cats.  Non-toxic, alcohol, and paraben free!


  • Assists cleaning after emptying the anal glands
  • Fast & convenient way to keep your pet's rear clean everyday & maintain proper hygiene
  • Used by veterinarians & professional groomers, veterinarian recommended for anal gland odor
  • With Aloe, Vitamin E, natural deodorizers, skin conditioners, & a fresh scent!
  • Gentle on sensitive areas yet eliminates tough odors including anal gland secretions
  • Thick, soft, & gentle premium cloth material


  • Remove wipe from container.  Gently clean anal region & other parts of body until clean.  Discard wipes in trash after use.  Safe for daily use all over pet's body including paws, coat, face, ears, and anal area.  Keep container tightly closed when not in use.

3-Month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

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Ingredients per 24 ct Glandex Wipes

Purified Water
Aloe Leaf Juice
Natural Deodorizers
Vitamin E
Skin Conditioners



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 163 reviews
    Elizabeth Thibeault (Sanford, US)
    For cats

    Cat has other problems and we have to put her down. Your product was great. Mom

    Christee Witt (Albuquerque, US)
    Seems to have helped!

    My German Shepherd has tons of polyups preventing him from going poop. He smells horrible and makes our house stink. The glandex supplements seem to have helped as he doesn’t smell as bed and the wipes smell good and are keeping me from throwing away wash cloths.


    I'm beyond impressed at how well your product has helped my Sweet Little "SWIGGY" !! I'm a VERY HAPPY DOGGY MOMMY !! My dog is Much Better, Happier, and even more Spunky (if that's that's possible, Lol) THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for making a WONDERFUL PRODUCT, and Giving my Dog a Much Happier, Healthier life!! I'm TRULY AMAZED at the difference your products has made for my dog, as well as my state of mind. I was SO Worried about my dog, I started blaming myself for not being the Best Doggy Mom I strive to be. When my dog's health started to decline I was sick, literally. Blaming myself, Thank Goodness that I found you guys late one night while I was surfing the web, just trying to find answers to why my dog was feeling so bad. I'm SO GRATEFUL TO YOUR COMPANY for bringing back my Happy Go Lucky dog, as well as giving me back my healthy state of mind. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

    Walt Radencic (Tyrone, US)
    Didn't Work for Us!

    Our new, rescue chihuahua came to us after 7 years with an owner who passed away. She came with an anal irritation, but after two trips to two different vets to assess her condition and express her anal glands, there has been no improvement despite a routine application of the Glandex wipes.

    lia nelson (Concord, US)

    Works and no irritation after using

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