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Good tummy

this product works great if you have a dog with tummy problems, price is good also.

Furbliss brush

My cats love to be brushed with this brush.

Profivex review

My pooch, Sno was having some tummy troubles and being a big dog.... was obviously troubling for me too! I started providing her with the Profivex supplements and immediately started to see improvements and after a few weeks of taking the supplement, Sno is back to normal. We are both happier about the situation!

Profivex® 4.25 oz Five Strain Probiotic Powder for Dogs & Cats

Furbliss® - Red Brush for Large Pets with Long Hair

Our Service Dog was having seizures...

After doing blood work, we found that our baby was Vitamin B deficient. We believe this is due to a Coccidia infection before we foond her at the shelter. We have started using this to help her belly and added a vitamin B supplement. She is actually putting weight on and looking so much healthier. We love it so much that both our girls get it every meal and, we cook their food ourselves. I also train dogs and recommend this to all my clients!

Pamper Bliss

Love brushing our dogs with Furbliss brushes!


My girls both love the brush ❤️ and so do I

The best

This product has solved by puppy’s loose stool issues. Best of all, he loves the taste !

Furbliss® Calming Spray for Dogs & Cats 4 oz.
Natasha Broschinsky (Torrance, US)

Furbliss® Calming Spray for Dogs & Cats 4 oz.

Furbliss® - Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair

Profivex® 8.5 oz Five Strain Probiotic Powder for Dogs & Cats - FREE SHIPPING

Furbliss® - Blue Brush for Small Pets with Short Hair

How to calm an already calm pet

There are 2 rad doll cats at my house. Both of them will lay perfectly still for as long as you will brush them - and sometimes they fall asleep before I stop. Thanks for a product the cats enjoy and for providing me with less cat hair all over the house.

Turkish Angoras

This silky cat breed can use the blue brush for small pets because they have no rough undercoat. Cat lovers know that some cats just have to have that massage. Well, this is it!

DeAnne D

So far its working well, he was healthy before we started him on this

I like it

I like it. My dog is a bit slow, but coming around. It takes some of his mats out. I plan to keep it.

Profivex® 8.5 oz Five Strain Probiotic Powder for Dogs & Cats - FREE SHIPPING

Happy Surprise

My cat HATED being brushed. When I first used the new Furbliss brush he bit at it as he had the old brush, but I petted him with one hand while I moved the brush right behind with my other hand. He stretched out and relaxed. He reaches a point where he's had enough of that and I stop. I think he becomes overstimulated. In a few minutes, he's back and wants to do it again. The blue brush gets out the tufts of loose hair with repeated strokes. The old brush with narrowly spaced metal teeth basically tore those right out. It didn't work because my cat wouldn't stand for it no matter how gentle I tried to be. With the Furbliss, he's looking good and he enjoys being brushed for a few minutes every day. Some of the fur around his back legs and bottom is much thicker. I think I will try the green brush to see if it clears out the tufts of loose hair more quickly in those areas.

Lives up to promises

Our Cocker has dry skin issues and scales. This brush does a great job in loosening skin debris. He loves his brush massage so much he comes running when I show it to him. We keep him trimmed short so bought brush for shorthair medium dog

Peachy Cat

The brushes worked great although our senior cat Peachy wasn't t happy about being brushed but the treat she got after kind of made up for it.

Great brush... my Bassett loves it and does a great job de shedding!

Furbliss red

I have a German Shepard who sheds constantly. The furbliss did remove the dog hair but the dog hair did not collect in the brush, it just fell onto the floor. That was disappointing.

My cat loves it

My Siamese cat loves being brushed with this silicone brush. Best purchase I’ve made online!