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Glandex® Reviews

Read our reviews to learn how Glandex® has helped countless of pets boot the scoot! and leave their anal gland problems behind.

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Glandex® Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs & Cats with Pumpkin - 5.5 oz Powder


My Sprout rarely scoots now that I give her Glandex.

My order

My order- Took longer than I expected to get my order, but other than that it was as expected.


Nice shampoo. Smells good. Lathers good. Left my dogs coat shiny and clean

It's ok

I find it somewhat works. But still having to express him (the dog that is) manually about every 7-10 days.

Glandex supplement

My pup has glandex regularly..she has anal gland issues..this product works for her

Haven’t used it long enough yo know if it works but it got here quick. Thank you.

wonder drug

Both of my dogs have been suffering from chronic diarrhea for several months, and trips to the vet and $1000+ did not fix the problem. One day after Glandex there was a noted difference in both dogs. My 16 year old female choodle 18 lbs. resumed eating and diarrhea was gone. Her energy level was remarkable for a dog her age. Happy dog again! I will continue using Glandex and highly recommend it.

Has helped. Thank you!

While not 100% effective, it has helped reduce the symptoms. Great delivery service, in 2 days from order, and free here in the UK.

Glandex® Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs & Cats with Pumpkin - 2.5 oz Powder

Glandex® Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs with Pumpkin - 120 Chews

A delicious treat

We’ve used Profivex in powder form for years with great results. Switched to the chews and my dogs think they’re getting a treat every morning. No more tummy issues.

My dog, Hogan, loves his Glandex chews!

Anal Gland Starter Kit

My dog now acts happy again after going to the bathroom. She does her duty, digs up the dirt and takes off running. I believe this has truly helped her.

Glandex works

This is the best product to add fiber to your pet's diet!

No more itching

This has been so good for my dog.

My itchy dog

My dogs only been on it 2 weeks and has improved a little.

Dermabliss shampoo

Used the shampoo and conditioner on my dog and it seems to be working great.

Profivex® 8.5 oz Five Strain Probiotics Powder for Dogs & Cats- 8.5 oz Powder

Profivex® Five Strain Probiotic Soft Chew Treats for Dogs - 30 Chews

Pretty good seems to work

This is actually my second order with this stuff and I found you do have to adjust it if you give your dog a half of one and it don't seem to work even if she's a small dog you might have to go to a full chew, but after she had a medical incident I thought it was worth a try and it does seem to work I also use the wipes when I need them

My dogs love the flavor

We’ve used Glandex in powder form for years and decided to try the chews. I use them as a midday treat and they beg for them everyday. The chews perform the same job as the powder in keeping their anal glands from bothering them. Definitely boots the scoot. We will continue giving this supplement to our current and future dogs.

so happy

Oliver has seasonal allergy's and was always chewing and licking his paws. His skin became very irritated, I felt so bad for him. We tried so many things trying to help the poor guy . Found this sight for vetnique labs. Did some reading about the Allergy & Immune Soft Chews for Dogs - it was like okay lets give this a try. Within about a week we could tell Oliver was feeling so much better. After 14 days Oliver is so happy, no more licking and chewing his paws,his hair feels much softer,skin isn't dry.We are so happy for Oliver we are going to make sure we always have this on hand. Thank you Vetnique Labs.