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Glandex® Reviews

Read our reviews to learn how Glandex® has helped countless of pets boot the scoot! and leave their anal gland problems behind.

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Glandex® Anal Gland Support for Dogs and Cats - 5.5oz
Helen Fratton-Macdonald (Mississauga, CA)
Glandex is a life saver in my home

I was having real issues with anal glands in one of my females. Since putting her on glandex I have had no problems

Absolute win

These make giving medicine so easy. My dog loves them and never realizes the medicine inside. Big win!!

Dog treats

I got these good Healy treats for my 6 dogs because I have so many dogs to keep up with so this is a good way to test dog products.
#seniorbliss #vetniquelabs

Doggy health treats

I got these good Healy treats for my 6 dogs because I have so many dogs to keep up with so this is a good way to test dog products.
#seniorbliss #vetniquelabs

Gulpz™ Pill Hiding Probiotic Treats for Dogs - 30 Chews
Christine Gribble-Veith (Marshall, US)
We loved this!

We loved these a lot, we are done with our first bag already but they are great.

Dermabliss™ Seasonal Allergy & Immune Soft Chews for Dogs - 60 Chews

Great product

This was incredible for our older dog who had anal gland problems. Our new puppy doesn't have those problems but loves the chews and they firm up his otherwise loose stool.

Alleviates Allergy Symptoms

i love spending time outside and of course, my lil shadow is always there, sniffing nature by my side! which has been great, until now with allergy season, her nose has been running, eyes getting boogs, and she's been itching more. so i got these allergy chews about a week ago, which so far have been so helpful - less itching, eye tears, and her nose drips less! My girl gets 2 chews a day and she loves the hickory salmon flavor! the salmon also has skin/fur benefits! Great treat for dogs with allergies!

Oticbliss™ Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal Ear Flush
Melissa Osbourne (Indianapolis, US)
Best product I've found!

My Lab pup has suffered with ear infections since we've had her. After lots of antibiotics that never quite clear up her ears completely, we tried this & are not disappointed!! Definitely recommend & will purchase again

Glandex® Measuring Scoop
Susan Miles (Williamsburg, US)
Scoot free

Great product! No more scooting since I started her on this supplement.

great product

My senior pup has been a very active little girl up until the last year or maybe a little more. She ahs slowed down and with age has some problems that I have been trying to help her with. This product will help with helping get her more active, better digestive issues, better movement, and cognitive function. I also like that this helps with immunity as well. I chose this product because I have used their products before and have always enjoyed the quality and simply clearly defined list of what is in their products. When I open the bag, she comes in and pokes her head around thinking she is getting treats. She is, I mean as long as she thinks they are fine with me. She doesn’t need to know that these are good for you supplements. I have used these now for about ten days. After the second day she seemed sharper in listening to commands and when I called her name. Her bathroom issues have pretty much gone away as she goes now once a day and there have been no accidents. She also does not hesitate to go up and down stairs of jumping into my recliner when I’m not there and she’s claiming it for her own for an afternoon nap. I love her to death and only want the best for her which is why I give her these both because of the brand and quality ingredients. She definitely has been improved with these and I will continue to give them to her.

Olaf approved!

Olaf and dante love these and they dont pick their pills out of them! They are so easy to use and the dogs love them!

Glandex® Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs with Pumpkin - 60 Chews-


Just tried once but so far my cat likes the taste ... So hopefully it helps him

Worked Great

My cat had an ear infection. He had been to the vet several times and I'd gotten different types of prescription ear drops/wash but nothing cleared it up. I thought I would try this product and it worked within a week. Both Murphy and I are happier now!

Great Product


A good for my dog treat that he loves to eat!

My dog, like many other dogs is a picky eater. Especially when it comes to vitamins or medicines. Anyhting that is healthy for him. Well, he is getting up there in age and isn't moving like he used to. They make prescription pills your dog can take for it but they run around $300 a month, without pet insurance which most people don't have. I got these to try out and I have not been disappointed. I noticed his puppy showing again.....his younger side coming out, and it brings me such joy. Thank you for making my dog happy again! Oh and he absolutely loves the taste


The glandex seems to be doing the trick and keeping my dog from 'scooting',

Great Probiotic For Older Dogs

These are great if you have a dog aged 7 or older. They’re easy to chew, she seems to like it and I know that it’s helping her live her best life. Made with trusted ingredients I feel comfortable giving these to my dog.

Helpful solution for my pet

My dogs had dry skin and scratched a lot before they started using Dermabliss shampoo. We are delighted to report their rashes cleared and their coats look shiny and feel soft

Furbliss™ Skin & Coat Daily Chews - 60ct
Elizabeth Parent (Bangor, US)
Call me crazy

I just might be crazy but my dog has been taking these for almost a week and I swear I am already seeing a difference in the way his coat looks and feels. Bear, is a brindle pit bull and coming out of winter he still has some dry skin going on. The chews arrived fast, my dog loves to eat them, and i am seeing improvement already. I think that is a win-win. Dont just take my word, give them a try. You wont be disappointed. Worth every penny so far

Glandex review

Started Glandex on our miniature Dachshund when she started scooting. Two weeks later totally resolved, no more scooting. Keeping her on Glandex for the duration. Fabulous product.

Says it is for Seniors but I use it on everybody!

Says it is for Seniors but I use it on everybody!
Leaves coat silky and shiny!
Helps with itching and dry skin!

No more trail bum

It makes for easy bum squeeze at the vet . No more loud squeals & no more dragging bum on trails .

great product

These are great. My pup thinks he is getting a treat, but little does he know he is taking something that is helping with his movements and problems he has been having. He has been having problems getting up in a recliner which is his favorite sea and then going up and down the stair from our first floor to second and the couple that go out our back door. He has taken them for about ten days and he doesn’t hesitate getting up in his chair and he has been getting up and down the stair case easier even with a little rest about in the middle. Old age seems to have him hurting but these have been helping him be more mobile since they support hips and joints. I like that this brand give you a product that has just a couple ingredients that are clear – like I would make for him myself.