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Glandex® Reviews

Read our reviews to learn how Glandex® has helped countless of pets boot the scoot! and leave their anal gland problems behind.

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This really works

I've tried everything.Vet prescriptions amd everything on other sites for my poor dogs red,Irritated ears but this is the only thing that works.

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Constance Lucido (Reno, US)
After Years of Ear Goop!

My pup and I are so happy to have found this product, it is clearing up infection we haven’t been able to shake (literally) for years! And it even has a pleasant smell, bonus is he doesn’t fight me as much as he used to to put it in his ear.

Dermabliss™ Anti-Itch & Allergy Relief Shampoo - 16 oz


Dog seemed to enjoy the brushing. Haven't used the spray yet.

Great Product

My Darla LOVES your DermaBliss Chews. They seem to be working well and I have quit the Name Brand Prescription Alergy Medicine in favor of DermaBliss.

Highly recommend

I gotta say I didn’t really think this would help because of trying other brands and products and were disappointed when I saw no changes. I just started this product Pet Bliss Calming chews and I am very impressed on the results. I’m still adjusting dosages but like how I’m seeing my fur baby finally able to calm down . Maybe not all the way yet but definitely an improvement. I’ll definitely will be a customer for a long time . I have confidence that in a few weeks things will definitely improve more then what they are today.

Slowly but surely

Both my furbabies suffer from allergies and they spend a lot of time playing outdoors. This product has greatly helped them with the itching, scratching, and biting their paws. It takes time to work but I see an improvement. The quality is superior from the ones I tried before from other pet shops.

So Happy !

We are having to get our tiny dogs anal glands squeezed every 3 weeks . We’ve had this product about a month , went Back to the groomer the other day and she said the glands were practically empty ! Thank the lord we won’t have to have them squeezed every 3 weeks , he hates that ! I can’t say enough about this product so far

Excellent products!!

I have been ordering Vetnique products for my dog who has allergies and gets itchy for several months now if not a year and am very pleased with the results. I find the shampoos and wipes of very good quality because they provide immediate relief to my dog Romeo. I highly recommend Vetnique products.

Good Strong Medication

My boy is prone to yeast infections like a lot of Shih-poo mixes. This shampoo has 2% Chlorhexidine and 1% Ketoconazole, just what the vet recommends for keeping his skin healthy.

Gave My Itchy Boy Relief

My Shih-poo is being treated for a yeast infection. His itching was making both of us miserable. This gave him immediate relief.

My dog hated it

"Princess Stella"

My 2 year old French Bulldog had two anal gland infections her first year. I started her on Glandex and she has been on it a year. It seems to have conqured her problems.

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Amber Cook (Alexandria, US)
Great product!

My chihuahua was releasing his glands at least 2 times a week when he was frightened or sleeping. Since he started glandex over a month ago, he has not had it happen again! Such a saver, great product that we will continue to use! Recommend 10 out of 10!

glandez pour mon jack russel de 12 ans

j'achetais déjà glandex chez le vétérinaire pour mon chien mais pas toujours disponible, donc ma recherche internet m'a dirigé chez vous.e votre même chose

Clean and Professional

Dermabliss is anti-itch and allergy relief medicated yet very gentle shampoo i use on my verysensitive dog. He is a full grown dog but has very sensitive and itchy skin. There are no dyes or harmful ingredients. This shampoo Smells clean and professional with a great lather. This shampoo Leaves my dog smelling fresh and his hair is soft.

Clean and professional

Dermabliss is anti-itch and allergy relief medicated and yet very gentle shampoo i use on my verysensitive dog. He is a full grown dog but has very sensitive and gets itchy skin. There are no dyes or harmful ingredients. It Smells clean and professional with a great lather, the lather is important to be full of bubbles for extra cleanliness. This shampoo Leaves my dog smelling fresh and his hair is soft.

Great Shampoo

Mild formula, great smell, and easy on the pup. We use it for any yeast or fungal build up and it works GREAT!

Glandex® Anal Gland Supplement for Dogs with Pumpkin - 60 Chews-

Roxie has stoped wiping the carpet all day

Love this product!

My beagle has had anal gland issues since he was young (he's now 9). The past couple of years I have been using Glandex, and he doesn't seem to need his glands expressed as often, and his stool has firmed up. Highly recommend trying this product. He also LOVES the taste. I wish the beef liver flavour was available in Canada, though. I make a "gravy" with it to add to his food once a day.


Its has helped some. It is better then using drugs.

Gift to help pets in need
Mary Crawford (Batavia, US)

Gift to help pets in need

works great. I now mix it with beet powder. still has to go to the vet but at least poo is no longer soft serve.

Wipes are great, Too soon for the supplement results.

My 11 month old pooch started licking her butt and a occasional scoot. Started her on the supplements, Watched the video and exercised her glands. A little squirt from one external gland, and it was over, except for the rest of the inspection. The wipes really made it pleasant. Use gloves, a helper, and a little lubricant when you go in for the internals. Can't really comment on the Glandex, time will tell.