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It's Time to Leave Anal Gland Problems Behind.

Glandex® is the trusted brand that groomers everywhere recommend for all of their client's pets with anal gland problems.  Balanced with the precise amount of fiber, Glandex® helps to empty the anal glands naturally and also contains key ingredients to support healthy anal gland and digestive functions. Glandex is made in the USA with all-natural premium ingredients including probiotics, digestive enzymes, natural anti-inflammatories, and omega fatty acids.

We also offer our all-new Glandex® Wipes.  Glandex® Wipes are a convenient one step solution to help clean, deodorize, and soothe the area after anal gland expression.  They are formulated with Deoplex® enzymatic deodorizer that eliminates the smell, not just cover it up.  They also contain vitamin E, aloe, moisturizers, and skin conditioners to soothe the area as well as a very pleasant Fresh Scent!

If you are a groomer that is interested in purchasing either our Glandex® Supplements or Glandex® Wipes please use the form below to request more information or a free grooming sample.  We offer direct wholesale pricing on qualifying orders with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and low minimum order quantities.  Please provide your detailed contact information including your company name and website and an account representative will contact you directly with pricing and additional information.

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