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Glandex Soft Chews
"This is the BEST product I have ever used!  I have spent years taking my poor dog to the Vet to have her anal glands expressed causing her pain, me time and money not to mention how disgusting it is!  She is very picky so I tried the chews and she loves them!  She had IMMEDIATE relief.  She was constantly licking her bottom - no more licking!  I am thrilled with this product and I cannot believe my Vet didn't tell me about it.  Everyone please tell your vets and save you and your precious dogs pain and misery!"  Alisa R.

Glandex – A Miracle For My Dog

“My poor dog spent the major part of her day scooting and her night licking. Her anal glands were nothing but trouble. They would not express naturally and were often infected. The vet talked to me about removal of the glands but when I heard she could lose control of her bowels I went on a mad search for something else. That's when I found glandex! Thank goodness! My dog has been on this for about a year. She rarely has a problem with anal glands now. She loves to take it. I am so glad to have this. It has been an answer to prayer.” Anonymous ~ California

“I LOVE this product!!!! It has GREATLY reduced the accidental anal gland leaks. I do have to give him more than the recommended amount for it to work. I have tried everything to help this horrible problem and nothing worked. I have even told my vet about Glandex so she can suggest it to her other patients. Thanks for an amazing product!!!!” Yvette ~ Illinois

One Word – Awesome!
“My cat Rory was in so much discomfort and I believe pain. It was a horrible few trips (about every 3-4 weeks) to the vet when the visit was about his anal glands. My vet recommended glandex. He's been taking it now for about 3 months and it has worked great. He is so much happier and healthier now. No more crazy licking butt or scooting along the carpet, and no more vet visits due to his glands! We are all very happy. I am now also giving it to my dog Uno. His stool was always very soft, almost diarrhea. Now its great! Its firm and very healthy looking. Thank you glandex, thank you!!!!!” Francisco ~ Florida

Glandex for Dogs & Cats – 2.5 oz
“I can't thank you enough for what this product has done for my mini Doxie Peach!! She would have to be expressed at the vets every two or three weeks internally because the anal sacs for her are difficult to do! Since being on your product she has not been back to the vet!!! It's been five or six weeks now!!! Plus her belly does not make the grumbling sounds that made her not want to eat!! Thank You for such for a great product! I have tried canned pumpkin in her food & she would not eat... I will recommend this to anyone I know! I would give it a 100* rating if I could.. we love her sooo much!! She has more energy now. She will be 13 soon & acts like a pup thanks to this product!!! Yahoo!!” Jodi ~ Massachusetts

Great Product – It WORKS!
“My Dog is healthier and a lot less visits to the Vet because of this Wonderful Product, this is the second time I've purchased and will be doing so again and again. Satisfied customer and Pet!” Anonymous ~ Florida

Great Product
“Our Priscilla, Walker, has totally rid her problem and it seems also that the Glandex has tremendously helped with her itchiness-skin too. Thank goodness and we are all happy. Thanks. We continue her dosage every morning with her feeding. I cook for all my doggies! Nothing bought down the grocery store isle....ugh!!!!” Holly ~ West Virginia

Excellent Product!
“My almost 9 year old boxer, Marley, has been struggling with mushy poo and scooting for the last few years. I've tried different foods, prescription medications, and vitamins, but nothing worked for her. I saw the ads for Glandex around Memorial Day and figured it was worth a shot. I placed my order and Marley started taking it the day it arrived. I'm super excited to report that after about a week and a half of the daily recommended dose, Marley started having more solid bowel movements and the scooting has stopped!” Christina ~ Indiana

Worked Great on My Dog
“I was pleased when I took my dog to the vet after 3 weeks and his glands were so much better. They weren’t impacted and he didn’t have to suffer through another painful procedure. Hope it continues to work like this. Thanks for making this product.” Janice ~ California


Glandex Works Great!
“I was told by my friend’s daughter who is a veterinarian to try glandex for our dogs anal gland problem. We were so sick of the stink in the air and furniture! Since we've been using it for quite a few months now, we have had maybe one or 2 brief and minor happenings with smell. It has worked wonders!” Amy ~ Wisconsin

Pricey but Saves $$ in the Long Run
“My 2 1/2 year old male Golden Retriever has been having anal gland issues for as long as I can remember. I have been having to take him to the vet about once a month to have the glands manually expressed. They got infected a few times and he has even had them flushed. So far, he hasn't had to go back to the vet yet. He's on his second bottle. He LOVES the flavor of this stuff!” Skylar’s Mommy ~ Georgia


“Has worked great for my Irish Setters. One has recovered from an anal gland infection. She avoided surgery, and Glandex has kept her glands normal.” Dale ~ Oregon


Love Your Product
“Our dog, Scout, was so miserable before using Glandex. Within 2 weeks of starting your product, we noticed a big difference. And now, Scout has stopped the constant licking, scooting, and the horrible odors. She is back to her happy self. Thanks for your great product!” Patricia ~ Washington


Sled Dog
“We've been using the Glandex for several weeks for our border collie. He is definitely not sledding around as much. He absolutely loves this stuff so it's not a problem getting him to gobble it down. I ordered two bottles and will continue this review after more time has passed.” Lora ~ Maryland


Glandex Works!!!
“Yes Glandex works. Our dog has always had this issue with her Gland but using Glandex she is doing great! Yay for Glandex!!!! :)” Laurie ~ Arizona


Glandex Helps Bella’s Anal Problem
“Every month we have had to take Bella, our miniature dachshund/pincer to the vet to have her anal glands expressed. After finding glandex on line and ordering, she has been on it since 5-7-14 and has not scooted nor any indication of it bothering her. Very glad I ordered the glandex.” Donna ~ Ohio


Helped Us Avoid Anal Gland Surgery
“Have had repeat success with this product for my mini dachshund and my sister uses it for her mini dachshund, too. Highly recommend trying for anal gland issues.” Ada ~ Kentucky


New Customer
“Since beginning my beagle on Glandex close to a month ago, I have started seeing an increase in the amount of time needed between anal expressions at the vet.” Jonathan ~ Tennessee


Glandex Review
“I bought Glandex a while back as a last hope before surgery for my Lab. It has worked so well I have recommended it to my vet and groomer. Buying Glandex on line was easy and delivery swift.” Donna ~ Iowa


“This product has helped my Yorkie SO much. Great Product.” Gordon ~ California


Service & Product
“Great service and wonderful product.” Beet ~ California


“Glandex saved my little Chihuahua, Mandy, from surgical removal of her anal glands. Glandex cleared them and keep them clear and healthy. My little girl will stay on

Glandex... Love this product.”
Gina ~ Tennessee

Anal Glands
“My 10 year old foster Chihuahua mix has been subjected to anal gland expressions at the vet every 2 to 3 weeks for quite a while now. So far this product has worked well and quickly. Nothing else we have tried has. He hasn't had to go back in since taking the supplement so we are very hopeful. I'm very pleased with this product and so is my foster dog Dash.” Dawn ~ Arizona


“What a great product. Problems seem to be solved. Thank you” Carole ~ Florida


Glandex for Dogs
“I have been using this product for about three weeks, and it's a little too early to give it a total of 5 stars, but I have seen an improvement in the dog expressing it's anal glands. So far, so good. The product seems to be working as advertised, but I may need to purchase another one to give a more in depth review.” William ~ Virginia


Glandex for Dogs & Cats 4 oz.
“Our Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Elvis, has been having problems with his anal glands. We have been taking him to the vet to get them expressed every 6 weeks for some time now. Our vet told us about Glandex and suggested we might try it. We ordered it right away! We waited 6 weeks right on schedule and took him to our vet to get his anal glands expressed. Much to our JOY and almost disbelief our vet told us he had nothing to be expressed! We are so pleased with Glandex so far. Our vet wants us to bring him back after another six weeks just to be sure. All of us, including Elvis are very happy with Glandex” Alice ~ New York


Anal Gland
“Great product helping my little friend” Ernesto ~ Illinois


Very Pleased
“We are very pleased with glandex for our dogs. We have 7 cavalier king Charles Spaniels and they all like it.” Joe ~ Florida


“My dog is only 9 months old, but so far I am very happy to be using this product. She seems to have no problem taking care of business!” Claire ~ Idaho


Awesome Sauce!
“I have been giving my dogs glandex for over a year now and they both have extremely healthy glands and bowel movements. I have recently recommended it to my mother. She has small dogs that have gland issues often. She has been giving it to them for a couple weeks and already sees the difference. Keep up the good work and thank you for your speedy delivery service!” Erica ~ Arkansas


Glandex Purchase
“Received very quickly in the mail. My dogs seem to like the flavor. I have not noticed much of a difference with them using this product but it has not been very long.” Anonymous ~ Wisconsin


Glandex for Dogs
“I have noticed quite a bit of improvement on one of my fur babies. I have started giving to one of my other fur babies and am sure it will start working on him as well! Very satisfied!” Marlin ~ South Carolina


“I have a 5 year old Chihuahua that has had abscessed anal glands four times. I started giving her Glandex a year ago and have not had any problems since!” Laura ~ Florida


“I have a Chihuahua that has been bothered with anal gland problems. He has been on Glandex now for several weeks and so far has not had any problems. He was having his glands expressed every month before this but now he seems to be doing all right. The vet checked him and his glands were empty.” Evelyn ~ Illinois


Glandex for Dogs
“So far, so good. We have noticed we haven't had to clean the anal glands as often. This is a PLUS. Hope to see this process lessen more as time goes by.” Kathryn ~ Oklahoma


Glandex is Great
“I have been giving my dog the glandex and she is so much better. The product is amazing. Daisy also likes the taste of it. Thanks!” Jane ~ Maine


It Works!!
“Our little Bichon Frise was always scooting around with an itchy butt. Our vet would clean it out and a couple of days later she was back at it!! In fact I turned our vet on to it, so I think you'll be hearing from her!! Great Product” Lee ~ Pennsylvania


“Glandex does seem to have improved my dog's anal gland problem I guess I will have to change his name from Stench” Marshall ~ New Mexico


“Works great. Dog smell improved immensely.” Christina ~ Massachusetts


So far so good!
“So far, we are seeing good results with glandex. We hope to still see more improvement!” Anonymous ~ Tennessee


“I haven't used it very long, but it does seem to be working. Usually I need to take my shih Tzu to the vet every 4 weeks for the anal gland expression. It's been 8 weeks and counting! Great product! Thank you! And Bailey thanks you too!!” Dianne ~ California

Glandex Review
"I have a six-year old yellow lab that has used your product for two years and swear by it. Glandex totally stopped the anal gland problem my dog had. I highly recommend your product and have seen results from using it. This has saved me money and time and embarrassment of having to go to the vet to have the glands excreted or worry bout the smell when company came over. Thank you for making a great product that is natural!" Susan ~ Illinois

“Have used Glandex for my toy Aussie for about a year and a half now and along with a high fiber dog food it is foolproof!” Anonymous ~ Idaho

Glandex Works
“My pug has had anal gland problems ever since I can remember, even having a ruptured anal sac. I did not think anything was going to save her but my vet told me about Glandex. I have never been so pleased with a product….ever! It took a few weeks for the sac to heal, but I think she is going to be just fine now!” Amy ~ Alberta, Canada

Reduced Drainage
“I have been using Glandex for three weeks now for my mix breed baby. She had almost daily issues with drainage and itching bottom. The licking and scooting has nearly stopped completely. I am very pleased with the result this far. On the other hand my Mal that had no issued has become more gassy as a result of stealing her sisters’ food!” Anonymous

Glandex for Dogs
“Very pleased with results, Glandex has really helped my minpin. I would recommend this product to others!!” Linda ~ Ohio

Great Improvement
“We ordered 2 large bottles and the measuring spoon, as we have a large dog who had a serious gland problem. The product is almost gone and we can say it resulted in a great improvement in the dog’s condition. Occasionally he still smells bad, but not too often.” Valeria ~ New York

“I have a pug, he is 7 yrs old. Had problems with anal gland. Used this product for a month now and no problems. It works, he seems to have more energy and no scooting on the floor.” Anonymous ~ Florida

“My dog has been on Glandex for 6 weeks now. She is showing definite signs of improvement. Much less scooting and her stools are much firmer.” Stewart ~ Iowa

My Boston Terrier
“I’ve been giving the powder to my little girl for ten days or so…Seems to be working! There have been a couple of episodes, but not nearly like before and farther apart time wise.” David ~ North Carolina

Highly Effective Product
“The product has been very effective for my 7 month old dog. It was unbelievable to me that he would have anal sac issues at such a young age. I thought he needed to have his anal sacs expressed. His vet told me that would be a very bad idea, and it was important for him to be able to do this for himself, since he was so young at the time of occurrence. Anyhow, this product was recommended for my dog and it started working within 3 days. I administer the appropriate amount for my dog’s size every day and he has not had any further issues.” Anonymous ~ Florida

Glandex for Dogs
“My customers love the product but would like to see a soft chew soon.” 2 Paws 4 U Bakery ~ Illinois

So Much Better!
“My 10 year old Shi Tzu has had anal gland problems for the last two years. Finally, have found something to relieve her painful symptoms. She is eating and feeling so much better and rarely scoots! Thank you Glandex!” Anonymous ~ Nebraska

“He has been on Glandex for 4-5 weeks and never refused to eat his meal with it in it. We had his glands cleaned before we started and as of today he has not dragged yet. In the past after a cleaning he will start to drag at the end of 3 ½ to 4 weeks. He is much happier and so are we. Wish we had this around years ago with our pugs – they were bad!!!” Raymond ~ Massachusetts

No More
“ Thanks to this product and our holistic vet, we no longer have a scoot issue with our Toller. Thank you from us and Koshe!” Don ~ Michigan

Glandex for Dogs and Cats – 4oz
“Our little pocket beagle had her second anal gland surgery even though we took her in to have her glands cleaned regularly and we were so worried that it would happen again. I went online and found Glandex and it works! Our vet is impressed with the results and I think he is letting his other patients owners know about it. I highly recommend it for anyone who is having trouble with their pet’s glands! Kathy ~ Washington

Great Product
“I use Glandex every morning for my furry friend. It has certainly helped with her anal gland problem. A lot less visits to the vet. You must use it daily to be effective or at least this is what I have found.” Sue ~ Tennessee

Works Very Well
“I use this for my dogs to help with anal sack expression and it works very well. No hint of odor after just a couple days use.” Wesley ~ Pennsylvania

“I highly recommend Glandex. My baby’s anal glands got to the point of filling up super fast and leaking. I was having to take her in every other week to get them expressed at $22 a visit. Since I did research on the web and ran across Glandex I ordered it and Izzy has been on it for about 2 months and we have not had any more problems with her anal glands. Izzy has been acting like a puppy again not the age of a 6yr old that she is. It is great to have her feeling good again! Thank you Glandex I will be continuing this treatment for her.” Mimi ~ Arkansas

Use it Regularly – It Really Helps!
“I’ve been using Glandex with my two Cocker Spaniels for over a year – it really helps! In the past, painful and impacted anal glands sent us to the vet on a regular basis. Since I’ve been using Glandex that hasn’t happened. They love the taste!” M. ~ Georgia

I Think it’s Working
“It’s only been a few weeks but I haven’t smelled any leaks or seen any indication that my 80lb Newfie’s glands are bothering him. He seems to like the taste. So far so good, so we’ll keep using it. Thanks.” Erik ~ California

Glandex for Dogs and Cats 4 oz
“Have received good results with my dog as well as many client’s pets. We sell all sizes and is more cost effective to purchase the larger size.” Erin ~ Louisiana

So Far, So Good
“My dog has been on Glandex for a little over a month and no visits to the vet to have his glands expressed. Prior to starting it we were visiting the vet about every 2 weeks. I hope this continues.” Sara ~ Tennessee

“I thought this product was too good to be true until I tried it!! It makes a world of difference for my dogs. We will always keep a supply on hand. Thank you” Mary ~ Virginia

“Glandex takes awhile to work. It doesn’t work right away but it does definitely work!! It is a definite “life saver” for both dog and owner. I highly recommend Glandex to any canine owner that has a “bum scootin” problem. It is excellent!! Kudos to Glandex!!” Chris ~ North Carolina

Works Great!
“My dog is a puggle and we were having a lot of trouble with scooting and her smell. After I started giving her Glandex within a couple of weeks I can tell the difference. She hasn’t needed a bath as often and she doesn’t scoot anymore.” Anonymous

Works to Help With Anal Gland Problems
“I have used one bottle of the 2 I ordered. It has really helped my dog who has anal gland problems.” Margaret ~ Georgia

Excellent Product
“Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Doggies are no longer gassy and no more scooting.” Yvette ~ Hawaii

Works for my Thor!
“My year old mixed breed started to have issues with anal leakage and licking “that area” for months. The vet suggested we go on LID which we did. At the same time, I scoured the internet. I came across this product, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I also asked my local pet store about it (not a big chain store) I respect their advice since they do a lot of research on the products they carry. Although they had not heard of Glandex they immediately looked it up and reviewed the ingredients to confirm the all natural aspect. It has been 1 month now and no leakage or licking! I’m sold!” Anonymous ~ North Carolina

“It works great!” Lavenda ~ Missouri

“Very Good Product.” Cheryl ~ Colorado

Glandex for My Two Dogs
“I have two dogs that have been taking Glandex for about three weeks. It seems to be working. Neither have showed symptoms of gland problems since the first week. I will definitely order Glandex again." Dorothy ~ Oregon

Glandex for Dogs
“I have not had to take my toy Australian to the vet for anal glands since buying the first bottle of Glandex. Not ONE time in almost two years now. My son now uses it on his two pugs and a friend for her dog. Great stuff!" Carole ~ Idaho

Glandex for Dogs
“We LOVE Glandex!!!! It did take 3 months for it to start working for our little basset/border collie mix, but it is now working and she has gone from having to have her glands expressed every 2 weeks by the vet to 4 weeks! We were told by a specialist that there is nothing that could be done to help out little one because there is nothing anatomically wrong with her. He said it was just a case of “bad luck” that her glands were filling so frequently. She is 11 years old and in perfect health otherwise, so we tried Glandex. While we did have to be very patient and increase the dose (after calling your representative for helpful advice) it has worked and we are very grateful. So is she! Thank you so much!" Robin ~ Connecticut

Gland Problem
“After we started using the product our dogs problem seem to disappear." Wesley ~ New Jersey

“Our dog’s stomach problems were gone in two weeks of starting Glandex. We are so grateful. I actually recommended it to our veterinary clinic.” Tracie ~ New Mexico

Glandex very good product
“Excellent product, her scooting on the floor to clear herself has stopped after at least a years worth of it.” John ~ Alabama

Glandex for Dogs
“Hi this product is great, no more itchy bum on my rugs or floors and my dog loves it too.” Keith ~ Massachusetts

Anal Gland Leakage
“Our mini schnauzer had been suffering leakage issues since being ran over by a car. She’d have to be expressed every 2 weeks to try to manage this problem. We were at our wits end & didn’t want surgery as the risks are high. Out of desperation I searched the internet for anything to try when I came across this website. I was astounded when I saw all the reviews. Everyone was raving over this product and how wonderful it was. So I thought what could it hurt & ordered a bottle. On day 2 of this medicine she was right at her 2 week mark & right on schedule she started having issues. I though well, here is the true test & I did not have her expressed. I was going to give this medicine a chance to work. TO my surprise and complete delight by day 6 she was no longer having any symptoms. It has now been a month & still no symptoms. I’m absolutely amazed, we’d been dealing with this issue for a year. I recommend this product to everyone, it does everything it claims it does.” Kathy ~ Ohio


Glandex for Dogs
“Very satisfied with Glandex. We actually bought 4 bottles of Glandex. We recommend it.” Donald ~ Pennsylvania

Glandex for Peach!!
“Miracle in a bottle. Peach will never be without this great product!! Thanks Glandex for dogs!" Jodi ~ Massachusetts

Good Help
“I have noticed a big difference in my dog Kodi and I am not through the first bottle. Kudos to Glandex." Anna ~ Ohio



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