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July 2015 "Token"

July 02, 2015 0 Comments

July 2015 "Token"

Token Glandex Pet of the Month July

This handsome boy is "Token" an 11 year old Vizla/Pit Bull Mix and our July Glandex Pet of the Month!  This is what Token's mom had to say about using Glandex for him...

"Two great things introduce each & every morning:  a cup of coffee for me & a serving of Glandex for my boy.  He knows it as “are you ready for your pumpkin stuff” as I add a few drops of water to it, creating a paste. Token loves it with no hesitation, licking the bowl clean. Gone are the days of scooting across the ground every other hour & his tireless efforts of reaching back to lick, lick, lick.Such a simple solution wasn’t an option for us until recently. You see, Token & I were homeless for several years in Seattle, suffering from anxiety attacks & complex PTSD. We took care of each other and he provided me with constant assurance & protection.  Over a year ago, an invitation presented itself for us to stay at a relative’s home. So we traveled to Arkansas and began the process of healing from the trauma & sleep deprivation that accompanies the crisis of homelessness.His health, diet & well-being are the most important things to me. When he started having obvious anal gland itching/scooting, I thoroughly educated myself online. Traveling to a veterinarian was not an option for us at that time. Therefore, I was open to trying Glandex after reading oodles of reviews. And presto, in about 10 days…no more scoot!Thank you all for developing this wonderful product and making it available for us to purchase online. It is one of many special pieces coming together to help Token & I start living healthy, happy lives again."Sheri C. (+ Token)
Seattle/Benton, AR