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May 2015 "Ollie"

May 05, 2015 0 Comments

May 2015 "Ollie"

Ollie Glandex Pet of The Month

This super adorable dog is "Ollie" a Bassett/Corgi/Beagle mix and our May Glandex® Pet of the Month! This is what Ollie's mom sent us about using Glandex® for him...

"Hi there!  Just wanted to send a quick note regarding my dog Ollie and his gland issue. He has been having anal gland issues for almost a year now, progressively getting worse over the course of that time. I started adding pumpkin to his food. Didn't help. Changed his food to grain-free. Didn't change. Tried another fibre. Changed his food again. No change. So, with frustration mounting I started researching like a mad woman and finally found your website. Fast forward to a month later. He's been getting the Glandex for almost three weeks and I cannot believe the difference. At the same time I also changed his food (again) to one of the best I could find. Whether it's the two combined, I'm not sure, but he's 100% better "down there". His poops are small and really firm now, too. I'm so thrilled because not only did he hate having his glands expressed but I know it's not good for them either. Thank you so much for such a great product. I'll be ordering more soon!!!"

Dee Dee Cowan ~ Ontario, Canada