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January 2014 "Harley D"

January 02, 2014 0 Comments

January 2014 "Harley D"

Harley Glandex Pet of the Month

This is "Harley D" an adorable 12.5 year old Cocker Spaniel and a Glandex® success story! Harley has been battling anal gland and digestive problems for quite some time before starting Glandex. This is what Harley's owner had to say about her experience using Glandex® for her dog…

"Symptoms: sensitive digestion issues, throwing up partially digested food 1-2x per week, and loose "soft serve ice cream" type stool with occasional bouts of mucous diarrhea with blood. Severe issues with anal glands - visiting the vet every 3-4 weeks, to the point of having to visit the vet for expression WEEKLY for several weeks. It was the anal gland issue that finally caught the vet's attention. My dog was in so much discomfort from the frequent expression and gland issue, he couldn't/wouldn't jump up on my bed or couch, run up/down the stairs, and balked at walks.

Diagnosis was his anal glands weren't expressing naturally. The left anal gland was able to be expressed, the right side seemed to have the duct closed off with no expression able to be done on that side. able to be normally (naturally) expressed and with inflammation & impaction problems compounded by frequent expression the strong recommendation by my vet & emergency care vet was to surgically remove the glands….to the tune of $3,000. My only other "prescribed" option was to let things run their course and "hope" the glands ruptured outward and deal with things then.

I was desperate. I researched other remedies to avoid putting my aged pet through anesthesia & surgery at his age, not to mention not having that kind of cash to drop on his surgery. I discovered firm stools are necessary for normal, natural gland expression - something the vet never brought up or offered recommendations to treat. I discovered the Glandex product and within 2 days of administering the lowest dose, found my pup to have firmer stools. He still had softer movements, and occasional vomiting. After one week, I switched from ONE dog food to Vita Pro, grain-free turkey w/vegetables. After about 3 weeks, I increased the Glandex dosage to 1/2 tsp twice a day. The combination of Glandex and switching food (and more frequent exercise) has made all the difference in the world.

After 3 months, my dog has mostly normal bowel movements, no longer scoots along the carpet, and rarely vomits. I'm still guardedly optimistic, because that right anal gland is still not able to be expressed & the vet says something "hard" is there. However, the left side is expressing well on it's own and after 2-1/2 years of vet visits every 3-4 weeks to weekly, we've been told not to come in unless my dog shows signs of scooting, etc.

My dog loves the taste of this powder and new food…licks his bowl clean every time. I would urge people try this for their pet FIRST before succumbing to expensive, and potentially unnecessary surgery (and it's complications). While the product made an immediate difference, it still took a couple of months for the full effect of the Glandex along with diet to make the positive changes "stick" for my pet. I truly have my old buddy back - complete with snuggling on the couch, following me at a trot up the stairs, and enjoying walks again.

Thank you Glandex, for making something so effective, at so affordable a price!"

~ Sandy G. - Washington