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May 2014 "Eddie & Duke"

May 02, 2014 0 Comments

May 2014 "Eddie & Duke"

Eddie & Duke Glandex Pet of the Month

This adorable couple is "Eddie & Duke" and our May Glandex® Pets of the Month! Eddie and Duke were both adopted form a shelter one year apart and although they look similar they are not related. Eddie is a 3 years old, mixed breed female (the smaller of the two) and Duke is 4 years old and also a mixed breed. Here is what Eddie and Duke's owner had to say about using Glandex® for both of them...

"These are my two dogs Duke and Eddie Haskel. Eddie has allergies and her (yes, Eddie is a female) anal glands were infected constantly and we were having them expressed every other day. Her doctor wanted to remove her glands. We made the appointment for surgery when I decided to search the internet to find out if there was another solution to her problem. I came across Glandex and read a few testimonials. I ordered a bottle andrescheduled her surgery for a later date. A couple weeks after she started taking Glandex we saw a huge improvement. We went an entire week without having to get her glands expressed and her bowels were solid and healthy.

Duke has never had any issues with his glands but his bowel movements were rarely solid so we decided to start giving it to him also. It's been well over a year and Eddie has not had a single problem with her anal glands and Duke's bowel movements are solid and healthy. My mother has a small dog with similar issues and I recently sent her Glandex. Her dogs issues have improved rapidly. Thanks for helping my little friends Glandex!" Sincerely,

Erica H. - Alaska