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February 2015 "Gracie"

February 02, 2015 0 Comments

February 2015 "Gracie" 

Gracie Glandex Pet of the MOnth

This beautiful girl is "Gracie" and our February Glandex® Pet of the Month! This is what Gracie's owner had to say about using Glandex® for her...

"Our mini schnauzer had been suffering leakage issues since being ran over by a car. She'd have to be expressed every 2 weeks to try to manage this problem. We were at our wits end & didn't want surgery as the risks are high. Out of desperation I searched the internet for anything to try when I came across this website. I was astounded when I saw all the reviews. Everyone was raving over this product and how wonderful it was. So I thought what could it hurt & ordered a bottle. On day 2 of this medicine she was right at her 2 week mark & right on schedule she started having issues. I thought well, here is the true test & I did not have her expressed. I was going to give this medicine a chance to work. To my surprise & complete delight by day 6 she was no longer having any symptoms. It has now been a month & still no symptoms. I'm absolutely amazed, we'd been dealing with this issue for a year. I recommend this product to everyone, it does everything it claims it does."

Kathy B. ~ Ohio