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December 2014 "Beau"

December 01, 2014 0 Comments

December 2014 "Beau"

Beau Glandex Pet of the MOnth

This is "Beau" a beautiful Golden Retriever and our December Glandex® Pet of the Month! This is what Beau's owner had to say about using Glandex® for him...

"My dog was constantly scooting and, when examined, usually had very swollen anal glands. Normally, my golden who is groomed every five weeks would have his glands expressed as part of the grooming process. It seemed like the problem started getting more and more frequent and my dog was obviously having trouble. Granted, I am very adverse about expressing his glands myself, so in researching with a friend of mine who runs an on-line pet store, we found a product called Glandex.

This product is in powder form, that is sprinkled or mixed in your dogs food once a day. I smelled it and then let my Golden smell and he obviously said ok as he tried to lick the bottle. Within two weeks of usage, his anal glands were not swollen and the problem was solved. The powder, if mixed with a little water, makes a very tasty gravy. I am very happy with this product as it solved my Golden’s problems – as well as making his dinner tasty.”

So there you have it! Glandex WORKS! It isn’t a fad product, it’s an effective one. Get a bottle and see for yourself that their slogan is fitting: “Boot the Scoot!”

Caroline S. ~ Kentucky

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