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March 2016 "Winston" - Anal Gland Success Case

March 02, 2016 0 Comments

March 2016 "Winston" 

Winston Anal Gland Success Case

This handsome fellow is Winston a 4 year old English Bulldog and our March 2016 Glandex® Pet of the Month! We love bulldogs and Winston is definitely an adorable one! This is what Winston's mom had to say about using Glandex® for him….


"I am so ecstatic that I found the product, Glandex, while searching online for my 4 yr. old English Bulldog's "scooting" recent problem!  My husband and I were "wondering why" our 'Winston ' Bulldog seemed to have a problem itching his back recently, whereas he has been fine. We even "scratched " his back, thinking he needed his back scratched... but he still wanted to scoot.......and was very uncomfortable.

In researching online, I found the product Glandex and began to read testimonials.. I was AMAZED at the reviews PLUS the guarantee of satisfaction. I knew I couldn't go wrong with the offer of money back guarantee, plus such wonderful comments of the customer service!!

We have used Glandex for several months now, and we NEVER forget to add it to his food each day and I am SO happy to say the scooting is just about ALL gone now!!  This is a "forever" product for us and the customer service is all others said it to be!! Thank you, Glandex!!"  Donna Ray & Winston