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January 2016 "Callie"

January 06, 2016 0 Comments

January 2016 "Callie"

Callie - Glandex Pet of the Month Jan 16

This is adorable girl is "Callie" a four year old Australian Labradoodle and our January Glandex® Pet of the Month.  This is what Callie's mom had to say about using Glandex for her...


"In the past year my dog Callie has developed frequent anal gland issues which has led to a pretty terrible odor. Recently it became so bad that I had to stop bringing her to my office. I am so thankful my coworker told me about Glandex! Within two days all odor had disappeared and Callie was back to her not-so-smelly self. There was such a drastic turn around, that I felt comfortable bringing her back to work with me. The best part is that Callie thinks she is getting an extra treat when I pour Glandex on her food. I am amazed and will be a life-long customer! Thank you!!!"  ~Aaron P. & Callie