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February 2017 "Junior" - Anal Gland Success Case #1

February 04, 2017 0 Comments

February 2017 "Junior"

Junior Anal Gland Case

This is "Junior" a very sweet American Bulldog and one of our February 2017 Glandex Pets of the Month.  We are very sad to have heard that at the time of us posting this Junior tragically passed away.  Our heartfelt sympathies to Junior's dad and family.  This is what Junior's dad had to say about using Glandex for him...

"I see in my life lots of ads that say things to make you buy their product, a lot of which isn't true. I purchased Glandex because I was desperate. My dog had a serious problem, and it really impacted my life in a negative way also. I didn't think Glandex would work, but I needed a solution. I took my dog to the vet 3 times a month just to have him empty my dog's anal gland. If I didn't, the poor dog would leak on my furniture, bed, and all the other places in the house where he lays. It would stink up my whole house, and then I'd have to wash everything. My dog weighs over 100 lbs., and it was a mess. Glandex has changed all that. I've been giving him Glandex for 2 months now, and his anal glands are perfect. No problems at all. I couldn't be happier. My feeling is that something was inflaming his gland, and Glandex made his gland healthy again. His problem was bad, and in a month I saw big results. I just give him a scoop with his meal, and that's that - done. If I only had two words to describe Glandex, I'd say, "Works Great"...  Forrest G. & "Jr"