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February 2017 "Levon" - Anal Gland Success Case #2

February 04, 2017 0 Comments

February 2017 "Levon"

Levon Anal Gland Success Case

This is cutie is "Levon" an adorable Golden Doodle and one of our February 2017 Glandex Pets of the Month.  Needless to say Levon loves the pool!  This is what Levon's humans had to say about using Glandex for him...

"Grateful for Glandex!

Levon (named after one of our favorite musicians, Levon Helm) is our soon to be 3 year old Golden Doodle. From the beginning, it was evident that he had issues with loose stool and anal glands, but it all got "real" when he was 8 months old and we took a 5 week trip around the country in a Subaru: at times it was a bit of a fishy smelling journey. Our biggest concern was that he looked uncomfortable. We spoke to our vet several times and changed his diet to less protein, no grains, added probiotics, etc all while having his glands periodically expressed by both his groomer and the vet. We spoke to our vet about Glandex to make certain it was safe and she assured us it was, but didn't seem overly optimistic it would help his chronic issues.  Within the week of starting Glandex he seemed better. He went from scooting several times a day to maybe once a day to not at all! The smell is completely gone. We use the powder and he loves it (he is a bit of a picky eater). His stool is much firmer and both the vet and his groomer are amazed at the results (both now recommend it!). But the very best part of this is that our boy just seems so much more comfortable! So grateful that we found Glandex!"

Thank you again,

Levon and his Humans (Gaye Pessolano and Mitch Boettcher)