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February "Spencer" Anal Gland Success Case #2

February 02, 2018 0 Comments

Spencer Glandex pet of the month
This handsome boy is Spencer, a 4 year old Domestic Shorthair cat and one of our February 2018 Glandex Pets of the Month! This is what Spencer's mom had to say about using Glandex for him...
"It's Great!"
"Your website says that Glandex will greatly reduce or eliminate anal gland problems, and this is true! My husband and I are thrilled. A year ago in May of 2016, our then two-and-a-half-year old kitty, Spencer, scooted once after grooming himself. A month later he did it again, and when this became more frequent, the vet diagnosed an anal gland problem during a wellness visit and expressed Spencer’s glands, noting that I would probably have to bring him in again two months later in October for the same procedure, and that surgery was also an option. I knew there had to be something else to help Spencer, so I went online. I found that anal issues are fairly rare in cats and as I searched for a solution, Glandex appeared in the results. I was impressed with the website, and Bridget in Customer Service was very helpful. Within days we had the Glandex powder, and from the first dose there was no more scooting. After nine months with no problems whatsoever, Spencer has started to scoot occasionally again. But what a relief that we have not had to consider surgery, or visit the vet for what could have been potentially four more visits over this time with all the discomfort, inconvenience and expense. Thank you, Glandex!" Elizabeth and Spencer
Fun fact - Spencer plays "Fetch" with his stuffed mouse toys, and he loves to chew on rolled-up socks.