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March 2017 "Toby" - Anal Gland Success Case #1

March 03, 2017 0 Comments

March 2017 "Toby"

Toby anal gland success case Glandex

This adorable guy is Toby a 7 year old Beagle Mix and one of our March 2017 Glandex Pets of the Month.  This sweet guy was adopted by his mother from a shelter and had been previously been abused.  This is what Toby's mom had to say about using Glandex for him...

"My 6 year old dog was suffering with chronic inflammation of his anal glands despite being seen every few weeks to have them expressed by our vet. I specifically asked our vet if she had any recommendations about diet, supplements, etc and all she recommended was to mix Metamucil and green beans into his food. I had already tried the green beans on the advice of the vet that she actually replaced so I went home and looked on the internet for information thinking that there must be more that we could try and I luckily found the site for Glandex. I ordered it right away, it arrived within a few days, and I saw immediate results at home - dramatically less scooting and discomfort! When I returned to the vet for his scheduled gland expression in 4 weeks, the tech came out and told me that he looked amazingly better and that he did not need to return unless I noted a relapse. She wanted to know if I had given Toby the Metamucil and green beans as advised. I told her that I had found Glandex and that they should start recommending it to everyone! Thank you Glandex - you completely did "Boot the Scoot" and Toby feels so much better! I started giving it to my other 3 dogs as a preventative." Dr. Lynn Duboff & Toby

Breed - suspect Beagle/Cattle dog mix
Age - Approximately 7 years old
Sex - Male

Info - Adopted from a shelter after being terribly beaten and abused.  He was less than a year old.  At his dog training course, Toby was so smart and quick to learn that the trainer named him “Shelter Dog Extraordinaire”

I once had a “reading” with a Shaman who asked about Toby specifically - she said that he had the color     salmon in his aura, just like Ghandi.  She said that it represents great healing and that Toby wishes to be a therapy dog.  I do take him to work with me (I am a dentist) - he greets and comforts patients!!!  They love him and several fearful patients have actually requested that he be with them during their treatment!  He has a naturally calm and engaging manner.

Additional Info:  Since starting Toby on Glandex, we noticed such a great benefit that I now also give it to our other 3 dogs and 2 cats to promote digestive health!

Glandex Review:  I just wanted to add that since my initial review, Toby has never had to see our Vet again for any issue with his anal glands.  He does not scoot anymore and is so much more comfortable now thanks to Glandex!! Every Vet should advise their pet owners to use your product.  We are so thankful to have found you and we will be faithful customers for life!!