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September 2016 "Brownie" - Anal Gland Success Case

September 03, 2016 0 Comments

September 2016 "Brownie"

Brownie Glandex Pet of the Month Sept

This cute little guy is "Brownie" our September 2016 Glandex® Pet of the Month!  Brownie is looking nice and cozy in his plush doggie bed! This is what Brownie's mom had to say about using Glandex® for him… 

"I purchased my first order back on 12/30/14. My dog Brownie had a large cyst (swollen glands) near his anus. I took him to the doctor and they suggested surgery to remove it. The surgery would cost $500 plus. I went home very upset, and decided to do some research. I came across the Glandex website and read numerous customer reviews. I decided what did I have to lose, so I ordered it and gave it to my dog for 60 days.  His groomer told me that he has had this cyst (swollen glands) for quite some time. She told my son to tell me about it, but of course he forgot. I asked her advice concerning the surgery, and she suggested that I hold off. We decided to watch it closely to see if it changed its dimensions. I placed several other orders and used them every day when we didn’t forget.

On 3/2/16, I went to pick up my dog from the groomer and she asked if I had gotten Brownie the surgery, because the cyst (swollen glands) had completely disappeared. My husband and I were totally amazed by this news.

Wow!!!! Glandex is #1 in my book and I will be placing another order very soon to keep his glands from swelling again. Kudos to Glandex. Keep up the awesome work. I will be recommending this product to all of my friends, co-workers and even strangers I meet."

Thanks again,
LaTonya Butler (a satisfied customer)