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Glandex® Anal Gland Wipes NOW AVAILABLE!!!

October 27, 2016 0 Comments

Glandex® Pet Wipes are HERE!!!  Boot the Scoot!

Our NEW Glandex® Wipes help keep your pet smelling their best while also helping to support healthy anal glands.  That's because they contain key ingredients including Aloe, Vitamin E, skin conditioners, and moisturizer.  Glandex Wipes also contain DeoPlex ®, a natural enzymatic deodorizer that helps to eliminate the nasty odors associated with anal gland secretions.

Here are some great benefits of our new wipes!

  • Assists cleaning after emptying the anal glands
  • Fast & convenient way to keep your pet's rear clean everyday & maintain proper hygiene
  • Used by veterinarians & professional groomers, veterinarian recommended for anal gland odor
  • With Aloe, Vitamin E, natural deodorizers, skin conditioners, & a fresh scent!
  • Gentle on sensitive areas yet eliminates tough odors including anal gland secretions
  • Thick, soft, & gentle premium cloth material

Purchase your Glandex Wipes today!

Glandex Anal Gland Wipes for Dogs